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Comprehensive web design services that helps your business grow

Give professional aesthetics to your website with our expert web design services. From mock-ups and stylish e-commerce designs to design implementation, we offer you a range of web design services that help your business stand out and grow. Get in touch with our web design experts today to get higher ROIs, more sales, and more leads.

Empowering Businesses with Engaging & Purposeful Web Design Services

Your website has to be alluring and responsive. We are a professional web design company that strives to bring you highly customizable and responsive web designing services. Our design & creative solution offers web page designs that focus on creating more than just a pretty website.

web design services


We’re not overstating when we say that a good web design can make or break your business agenda. Don’t believe us? Then let the current market stats do the talking. 75% of the audience say they judge a company’s credibility based on its website design. If this doesn’t convince you to approach a website design company, keep scrolling ahead. Here we’ve broken down the many advantages of having a good website design for your business.

Reasons to Rely on Tahawal for Web Design Services

And Efficient Web Designs

We create a unique project plan and schedule for every new project. This ensures we stay on track and create impressive web designs for your brand that are efficient and user-friendly.

Technology Integrations

You do not have to keep up with the new design technology advancements in the market today. Because we do that for you. We present suggested website design updates to align your web designs with global standards.

Pricing Packages

We do not commit you to a package and quote you only for your needs. We know each web design requirement is different. So we assess the project and offer you the best pricing options.

Website Design Maintenance

When you avail of one of our web design services, we provide FREE customized instructions and maintenance services. This makes it easier for you, the client, to update your web designs.

100% Bespoke
Design Solutions

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to designing a website. This is why we offer our clients great bespoke web designs that are tailored web design solutions for your business.

Design Help Desk

Technical issues are bound to occur when it comes to web designs, and you – the client, shouldn’t have to deal with them alone. Therefore, we have a 24/7 help desk to assist you and solve design issues.

Looking for custom web design services? pick our web design services that offer you impressive designs and 100% project transparency. Creative landing pages | Strategic & ROI Driven Solutions | Mobile Responsive.

Web Design Services We offer

ecommerce web design

The expert designers at Tahawal bring you inspirational and innovative design interfaces that enhance your online store purchase experience.


finalizing rough design

Get a custom visual experience for your website that offers better performance, efficiency, and higher ROIs for your business growth.

Turning your web imaginations into innovation.


Building a website with an engaging design and presenting it to potential clients or customers can be stressful. There are multiple challenges you might have to face during the process. Therefore having a tested and proven web design process can help a lot. At Tahawal, we’ve worked on numerous websites and created impressive web designs. With experience in numerous web design services, we’ve crafted a design process that allows us and the client to complete the project process with minimal stress. Below are some crucial phases that our project process follows.

initial planning

initial Planning


gathering content

gathering requirements

planning structure

visual balance

creating visuals

fine - tuning


uploading final

Uploading Final

client feedback

Client Feedback

design analysis

Design Analysis

refining design

Refining Design


The Industries that can benefit from Custom Web Design Services

Regardless of your business-specific services, goals, or products, having some sort of website in this digital era is most likely relevant. However, equally as important as the website is its design and layout. Without a compelling design, consumers tend to lose interest fast. While every industry benefits from having a strong web design, there are a few that would benefit immensely from custom web design services. The first industry to benefit from web design services is the travel industry. The second industry that needs to invest in good web design is construction. Retail sales are the third type of industry that can benefit from web design services. Other industries include restaurants, technology, and small businesses.

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    web design services


    Website design is an important matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A well-designed website can help your business make a good impression on potential clients and customers. It can also help you nurture your leads and revenue. But more importantly, it provides an enhanced user experience. But for all this to happen, you should have the website designed professionally. Of course, you’ll find numerous digital agencies offering you a plethora of web design services, but a few unique features set apart Tahawal’s web design services from the others.

    • We create designs based on your website’s purpose. 
    • We believe in simplicity and create designs that emit lucidity in color, type, and imagery
    • We ensure to keep the web page designed with easy navigation, intuitive, and consistent over every page.
    • We keep a visual hierarchy to establish a focal point in the web design to show your site visitors where the most important content is.
    • Our web design is composed of compelling content and effective designs.
    • We build a responsive design that can adjust to various screens.

    Whether to hire an agency or a freelancer for web design services depends on your goals. Freelancers are indeed cost-effective and offer flexibility and specialized skills. On the other hand, web design companies provide scalability, experience, expertise, and multiple services. Whether to hire an agency or not should purely be based on your budget, timeline, project scope, and the level of control you want over the web design and development process. 

    In its simplest terms, a mobile-friendly design means your website information – texts, videos, links, and images are easily accessible across all different platforms. Most importantly, on much smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. 

    At a more complex level, creating a mobile-friendly web design involves utilizing the incredible capabilities of mobile devices to deliver a practical and satisfying web experience to users on the go. Tahawal, a premium website design company across GCC and India, aims to provide you with the best web design services that are both mobile-friendly and web-friendly. Our designs are responsive and offer easy navigation on various platforms.

    Below are a few significant and most common web design platforms in the industry that we use at Tahawal for building your web designs. Some listed platforms are simple and open-source, while others are complex and restrictive. And depending on what your project requirements are, they could be apt for your business.

    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Magento
    • Wix
    • Square Space

    Almost every client with different business genres wants a mobile version of their website. Of course, it’s essential in this evolving digital era. Because there’s a need for a different design for blackberry, another one for iPhone, netbook, Kindle, etc., and all screen resolutions must be compatible. In the next five years, we’ll likely see several inventions and the need for new designs. Hence, the need for a responsive design. 

    Responsive design is an approach that suggests that web design and development must respond to the user’s behavior based on screen size, orientation, and platform. But responsive web designs are not just about flexible screen resolutions. It includes responsive images, texts, videos, and a custom layout structure. 

    The primary use of a responsive web design is the enhanced loading speed of the web page without any distortions so that the users do not need to resize anything on the screen to view the content manually. A responsive web design benefits not only the businesses but also the designers, developers, and most importantly the users in the following ways –

    • Generates more mobile traffic
    • Allows faster mobile development at lower costs
    • Requires lower maintenance needs
    • Gives faster web pages
    • Gives you lower bounce rates
    • Enhanced conversion rates
    • Allows easier analytics reporting
    • Improved SEO
    • Improved online navigational experience
    • Enhanced offline browsing experience

    Your website is the lifeline of your digital marketing strategy. All other efforts depend on it. Without a strong and appealing website, it will be extremely challenging to implement a successful digital marketing strategy for your brand. Therefore, it is imperative to put considerable thought and effort into designing your website. While building a good website is critical for your business’s success, it is also not cheap. The benefits of a well-designed website will probably help you understand how an impressive web design can help your business grow. 

      • A good web design creates a powerful first impression on the clients and customers
      • An appealing website design builds trust and credibility for your brand
      • A website with pleasing aesthetics improves SEO results.
      • Empowering your website with stylish web designs creates a consistent brand message
    • One of the most important benefits of a good website design is that it optimizes conversions.