Top Vulnerability Assessment Services to help protect your firm's data.

We provide top-of-the-line vulnerability assessment services to safeguard your IT Infrastructure Against Threats. Our cyber experts identify, quantify, and analyze the security vulnerabilities in your networks and devices. Besides, we also offer constant cyber support to recognize potential threats to your business data. Need a vulnerability assessment? Contact us today!

Empowering Businesses by ensuring Secured Data with our smart vulnerability assessment Services

The network safeguarding requirements have been increasing daily due to evolving cyber security threats. Therefore, undertaking vulnerability assessment services is imperative to attain comprehensive knowledge about the vulnerabilities and lets you know about your company’s digital assets, safety flaws, and general risks. Tahawal, a cyber security vulnerability assessment service leader, houses experienced engineers, compliance consultants, and cyber security specialists who ensure the complete security of our client’s data entrusted to Tahawal.

vulnerability assessment services

How do Vulnerability Assessment
Aid in Business Growth?

Cyber threats have skyrocketed recently due to an attack platform expansion. This is why monitoring these threats is imperative to protect your company’s data. Vulnerability assessment is a great way to process, identify and analyze security breaches in the IT infrastructure. Generally, a vulnerability assessment outcome is a VA report, which serves as an organization’s security policy. Now that you understand vulnerability management and its benefits, it is time to check out its various benefits.

Reasons Why Tahawal is Your Trusted Partner for Vulnerability Assessment Services

Timely Identification
of Vulnerabilities

Our cyber specialists work round the clock to scan your networks and identify vulnerabilities in critical systems. They protect your data from vulnerabilities and verify that complete data is safe and up to date.

Regular System
Configuration Monitoring

Our team offers a comprehensive vulnerability scanning service. It helps your organization identify improperly configured systems that leave your network system vulnerable.

Deep Understanding
of Hacker Operations

Our cyber engineers, with years of expertise safeguarding several network systems, deeply understand how cyber hackers operate. Therefore, they protect your data from any potential cyber threats by identifying and recertifying them.

Cyber Consultation

Not all organizations know their cyber threats and can prevent them in advance. Our team of adept cyber specialists offers you detailed vulnerability assessment consultation services for different industries and business genres.

Threat Analysis

Our vulnerability assessment services ensure in-depth analysis of any potential threat to your business's data and IT infrastructure. You can stay worry-free and receive detailed reports of vulnerability assessments on regular basis.


Technical errors are bound to occur, and you do not have to be alone to rectify them. The tech-support team at Tahawal ensures that your systems are safeguarded 24/7 and are free from any potential cyber threats.

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities with our top-notch vulnerability assessment services. Digital Risk Assessment| Security Validation | Check out our range of vulnerability assessment services right here!

various types of vulnerability assessment tools

Network-based scanners are ideal for discovering unauthorized devices and determining obscure perimeter loopholes on the network.

mobile app development

These scanners help you find website vulnerabilities. They crawl through the website, sending probes to assess weaknesses.

Database Scanners

The database scanners help you identify vulnerabilities in your database and thwart malicious hacks similar to SQL injection attacks.

As in the name, the host-based scanners reside on every host-monitored network. They locate and identify vulnerabilities on servers & network hosts.

Also called wireless protocol analyzers, these tools discover open wireless networks in your system and detect unauthorized Wi-Fi networks.


How Tahawal implements ITS vulnerability assessment services

By now, you know and understand that vulnerability assessment is one of the most critical and effective methods for identifying possible security loopholes in your organization’s cybersecurity design. Failing to conduct a good vulnerability assessment regularly will lead you to lose vital data to cyber criminals. Fret not because you have us as your vulnerability assessment partners. We offer robust vulnerability assessment services in an organized manner. Here’s the process we follow to safeguard your sensitive data.

information gathering

Vulnerability Scanning


Info Analysis & Planning

security and support

Penetration Testing


Privilege Escalation


Result Analysis


Careful Remediation

monthly report

Regular Reporting

Systematic Clean-Up


Industries that can benefit from Vulnerability Assessment Services

With the growing digitalization comes higher network attacks. Therefore, every company regardless of which industry they’re in requires some sort of security. And for this to happen, you should first identify the vulnerabilities your network faces. Vulnerability assessment provides an organization with the necessary knowledge, risk backgrounds, and awareness of threats in its environment. Therefore, companies of all sizes or even individuals who face the risk of cyber-attacks can highly benefit from some form of vulnerability. In short, a comprehensive vulnerability assessment along with a smart management program can provide companies with improved security for their systems.

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    A vulnerability is defined as a security breach or a weakness that might expose the company’s network and data to cyber threat risks. Vulnerability assessment services generally include identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure, applications, and any computer systems. Vulnerability assessments usually deploy automated tools for testing such as network security scanners. They show the results in a vulnerability assessment report.

    Organizations that face constant cyber threats can greatly benefit from regular vulnerability assessments. Any organization should carry out vulnerability assessments and scans regularly. If the systems or the networks have critical information or contain sensitive data then the remediation should be performed immediately.

    This digital era has bound almost businesses of every industry to depend on IT systems. For instance, retailers need properly functioning web shops, insurance companies require customers to submit claims online. However, online systems of any type must be guarded and checked regularly to keep them secure from any potential cyber threats. Of course, we have several vulnerability assessment tools that do the job perfectly. But every tool has its pros and cons. The primary pros and cons of vulnerability assessment scan are as follows –


    • Fast results
    • Repeatable
    • User-friendly
    • Constant monitoring


    • Vulnerability assessment scanning tools cannot scan nearly all vulnerabilities
    • They might give you false positives
    • You are required to update the scanning system regularly
    • Implications of vulnerability assessments are often unclear

    A vulnerability assessment is one of the most beneficial and effective techniques for identifying possible security holes in a company’s network systems. Failing to conduct regular vulnerability assessments might result in vital information loss. However, you ought to follow certain important steps while conducting a perfect vulnerability assessment. Below are those steps. 

    • You define and plan the scope of scanning or testing
    • Careful identification of vulnerabilities
    • Using a scanning tool to analyze the vulnerabilities
    • Remediation of the vulnerabilities to prevent any exploitation