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Are you tired of seeing only clicks on your campaigns and not the results? We help you find out relevant keywords that bring revenue to your brand with each click. Our smart PPC advertising and management services take a professional approach with result-oriented PPC strategies. Speak to our experts now!

Boost Sales with Top PPC Advertising and Management Services

How do we find new customers and boost sales? You need to make a consistent effort to bring in new business. Tahawal, with a range of digital marketing services, offers you the best pay-per-click management services. We help you increase sales by implementing smart PPC strategies with awesome tools.

PPC strategies

Conducting PPC Advertising
and Management
with Google Ads

Facilitating PPC management through Google Ads is particularly relevant because the most sought-after search engine is Google. The search engine gets massive amounts of traffic. Therefore, it delivers higher impressions and clicks to your ads. While several factors determine your PPC advertising campaign’s success, here are a few essentials to achieve more.

Reasons to Rely on Tahawal for PPC advertising and management services

Uncomplicated PPC Advertising & Management service

You can stay carefree knowing that Tahawal is conducting your PC management services. We make sure your PPC ads are running and performing to the fullest.

PPC Pros

Being a leading PPC agency, we make sure to assign you certified PPC gurus or pros who know PPC to the core. They’ll help you achieve the goals committed to you during project ideation.

Technical Support

We’re always there when you need us. You can drop in a mail or call us to know what’s happening with your PPC campaigns. we assign you a dedicated PPC guru.

Guaranteed revenue enhancement

In the end, every business wants to increase its sales. Well, you’re lucky because that’s our focus too. We aim to ensure that our PPC efforts bring you more sales and traffic and eventually higher revenue.


We analyze the ROIs, campaign performance, and lead generation regularly. You’ll receive a detailed monthly report of all these aspects, stating details of your PPC advertisements.

years of expertise

We’ve been in this business for more than 10+ years, so we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen the updates, the quality of the introduction, new features, new tools, and more. We keep growing and changing.

Want to manage your PPC Ads? Our PPC advertising and management services oversee and manage your company's PPC campaigns and budget on various platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more!

PPC Advertising & Management Services we offer

cost and performance analysis


We cater to all your bid management requirements for digital marketing campaigns by automating them for various campaigns.

digital advertising


Our digital and PPC experts help you advertise your business online with smart strategies and swift implementation techniques.

email marketing


Reach out to your potential customer in the most non-invasive way. Let your customers know about your services & products via e-mail.

keyword management


Our SEO experts pick the right keywords for your PPC ad campaigns to increase traffic and quality leads.
cost and performance analysis

Cost & Performance Analysis

With our total cost & performance analysis process, we help you understand the worst and best parts of your Ad campaigns.

facebook ads


There are many platforms where PPC ads are successful. However, the two most prominent players in the market are Google and Facebook.
LinkedIn ads


LinkedIn ads are worth it if you’re willing to spend more. That’s because the cost to run LinkedIn Ads is slightly higher than on other platforms.
instagram ads


Instagram Ads are highly worth it if you know your audience. We help you recognize your target audience and create a successful Ad campaign.

twitter ads


Twitter Ads might not be the cheapest advertising platform. However, they increase your overall ROIs, click-through rates, and interactions.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Our remarketing & retargeting services remind your audience about your products & services after they leave your brand website without buying.

google local ads seo


Get more customers on your website, phone, and at your door with our innovative PPC Google Ad management services.


How Tahawal Implements its
PPC Advertising and Management

PPC ads earn a ton of profit for businesses, provided they create a strategy that works among the target audience. A good PPC management service helps you create budget-friendly campaigns, delivering more value. Being the best pay-per-click management company across India & UAE, we strategically approach a PPC ad project. Below are a few steps we follow to make your Ad campaign a success.
gathering requirements

Gathering requirements

analysing business goals

Analyzing business goals

comprehensive audits

Comprehensive audits

competitor analysis

Careful competitor analysis

campaign structuring

Campaign structuring

keyword strategy

Keyword strategy

account planning & structuring

Account Planning & Structuring

finalizing campaign strategy

Finalizing campaign strategy

implementation and tracking

Implementation and tracking

Go live

Go live



launch and evaluation

Refining keywords


Industries that can benefit from PPC Advertising Management Services

Most industries can benefit from PPC advertising on various platforms. However, certain industries might have to spend more to achieve the desired results. Regardless of your industry, the key is to use the right tactics. You should know your PPC strategies well to reach more customers, engage them with your brand, and make them indulge in your services or buy your products.
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    PPC advertising and management services


    There are different types of PPC Ads, each of which takes a different place in the Google Search engine. Below are those ad types and how they appear on the Google search engine. 

    • Text Ads – Text Ads usually appear at the top or the bottom of your Google search results. 
    • Local Ads – Brands with physical locations can portray their ads in the local pack and Google Maps. The corresponding location pins on the map are shown in green and display the Ad when you hover over the pin. 
    • Shopping Ads – Also named as product listing Ads [PLA], are an excellent option for those involved in retailers. These follow a different campaign mechanism from text ads. These usually appear in carousels at the top of Google search results. 

    Yes, we know you want low-cost high-impacting advertisement options. And what better way to achieve that than opting for PPC advertising campaigns? Here we’ve put together the top ten reasons for your business to invest in PPC advertisement.


    • PPC advertisements reach your target audience cost-effectively. 
    • PPC ads bring you instant traffic
    • PPC ads give you warm leads
    • Pay-per-click ads lead to positive ROIs
    • PPC user data helps you frame several SEO strategies
    • Pay-per-click ads do not depend on algorithms
    • PPC advertisements offer you multiple layered targeting options
    • Excellent PPC user data benefits social media marketing strategy. 
    • Pay-per-click ads allow you to perform smarter retargeting
    • PPC ads are hassle-free to produce.

    Pay-per-click advertising is a significant opportunity for businesses to grow their traffic and conversion metrics. However, the key is to adopt a successful Ad campaign that can bring in potential customers. Below are the essential components for a PPC ad campaign to reach its full potential. 

    • The right keywords selection
    • Bidding the keywords in your ads
    • Enticing target copy
    • Customized pay-per-click landing pages
    • Deep website analysis

    In simple words, you can target your pay-per-click ads by audience, search, and content. You could also try out the combination of all three. You can include or exclude keywords or audiences by different categories, such as location, gender, life events, remarketing, etc. 

    A PPC Ad campaign is successful if it attracts a lot of clicks and gets you more traffic on your website or landing page. Most of our clients see results immediately from PPC. However, you might have to wait 3-9 months to achieve optimal results. Also, this varies from business to business and the goals you set.