Metaverse- The Next-Gen Reality for Businesses!




Gives you a mind-boggling experience of games, shopping, sports, theatres, & more


Achieve quality and analytics of ad networks, social, curation, ratings, stores, & more.


Is an end-to-end creator of the economy that comprises design tools, asset markets, Commerce, etc.


Building social computing via 3D engines, VR/AR/XR geospatial mapping, multitasking UI, etc.
A phenomenal virtual world prospect that extends beyond just gaming and has the potential to dominate the capability of an organizational change.

If you’re in the digital business, then you’re undoubtedly aware of the term “METAVERSE”, because this is all that everybody seems to be discussing in recent times. But what does it exactly mean? And does it help your business in any way?

Regrettably, no official definition for the term Metaverse exists, and companies cannot afford to wait until one does. Besides, no one really wants to wait till this next-gen prospect fully evolves to start experimenting and investing in it. But there is no denying the fact that we are now getting to see glimpses of it and what it might evolve into in the near future.

However, if we must define it, then in simpler terms, Metaverse is a convergence of our physical and digital lives. It’s no denying the fact that we’ve been living on computers and phones, and slowly these tech commodities have been catching up to ur physical lives in some way or the other. Metaverse allows the full convergence of both that defines our identity and digital ownership.

So is Metaverse the future of digital businesses? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why several tech owners and entrepreneurs think so!

So far, owners of various businesses have been considering Metaverse as a ‘second world’ that mounts on top of our physical reality. This not only has been creating extra consumer experience opportunities and marketing channels.

Ideally, Metaverse will be an advanced version of the existing internet. One that’s social and highly riveting technology. What else would it be? It will

Seamlessly blend digital & physical lives
Exist regardless of the place and time
Have no fixed boundaries & purposefully created boundaries
Help you socialize, work, transact, and create with few limitations.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain paradigms will enable true virtual economies.
More decentralized and open compared to current internet platforms
Allow data and virtual identities to be more usable.
Opportunities are extensive when it comes to applying Metaverse in your businesses. Read ahead to find out the tech pillars of Metaverse.

There are six key technology pillars that make Metaverse a mind-boggling experience. Check them out below.

One of the vital components of Metaverse technology centers around 3D interactivity. Currently, we’re amidst trading 2D environments for achieving real and virtual world convergence. And this demand for 3D has brought in Web3, a tech component that symbolizes the proliferation of Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Upgrading IPs is a must. The current IPs wouldn’t satisfy the latency and the network demands in the future. Even the Quick User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is not well suited for future Metaverse developments.

As per the research, it is expected that more and more people will probably use VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) in the coming years. Though not a core necessity in Metaverse technology, it still does play a vital role.

With advanced technologies to be integrated with Metaverse technology, it is needless to say that all the devices used to experience Metaverse will require seamless and enhanced connectivity. While marketers today are already seeing the demand, the solutions will suffice the evolving Metaverse.  

Of all the technologies required to power the Metaverse, AI (artificial intelligence) is the broadest in its application. AI guarantees to make on-demand intelligence, an integral component, possible. Besides AI devices also support external applications.  

From both enterprise and consumer segments alike, Metaverse drives demand for cloud and edge computing. Moreover, this demand is disproportionately higher in level when compared to the current digital transformation generating. This is why three major types of edges will be assimilated into cloud networks, namely the devices, the MEC, and the CDN.

Does Metaverse have the potential to evolve more? If so how will it unfold in the coming years? Scroll on and stay with us to find out.

Business leaders, novel entrepreneurs, and tech pundits are all buzzing about the next advent of the Metaverse. And true to the buzz, this technology will likely undergo several manifestations until some profitable incarnations will dominate the world of Metaverse. Below we explore a few roads that might lie ahead for the Metaverse technology.

The existence of innumerable Metaverse
Transformation of major businesses into Metaverse technology
Novel security and privacy issues might emerge
Expansion of Metaverse beyond virtual showrooms
Sales roles and customer services will transform and will be automated.
Enterprises will amalgamate Metaverse into reality
We will witness the acceleration of Robotics
Digital industries are in for a treat if Metaverse revolutionizes. And how will it benefit digital enterprises and tech owners? Keep scrolling to know!

Companies must be aware that the nature of the content will shift from the current scenario to an advanced version, as the Metaverse will move forward. This means building top-tier strategies for creating immersive elements for the growth of your organization. Here are a few examples of how various digital industries will benefit from Metaverse.

The entertainment industry can incorporate VR theme parks, concerts, sports betting, etc.
Roleplay exercises, 3D anatomy models, etc. will revolutionize the education and training sector.
Corporate meetings can be taken to the next level with a collaborative environment.
With digital test runs, the ability to virtually try out different products, etc.
Metaverse allows you to take customer service to next level.
Marketers & advertisers can experiment with virtual billboards, branded installations, events, etc.
How does Tahawal play a role in enhancing your brand with Metaverse Technologies?
Metaverse is a next-gen reality that businesses have to adopt soon. Because, not only it is limitless, but also has plenty of room for innovation. We at Tahawal adapt quickly to the dynamic era and ensure to keep our clients informed and educated about novel technology possibilities, such as the Metaverse. We bring you a free consultation and expert advice. Give us a call or drop in a mail to discuss the possibilities of Metaverse, and how it can be implemented in your business.
We will be delighted to assist you in your brand evolution journey!

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    “In simplest terms, the Metaverse is the internet, but in 3D.”

    - ED GREIGG (Chief Disruptor at Deloitte)


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