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Logos are the heart of a brand’s identity. People recognize your brand when they see your logo. They recall your services and products when they look at these symbols. Create a unique impression on your target audience with top-tier logo designs.

100+ Logo Design Creation Ideas

From a range of different logotypes to vibrant colors to choose from, we bring you original and inventive logo designs to depict your brand ideas in the best possible way.

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Logo-A brand’s Core Identity Element

Designing a logo for your brand is both fun and a creative process. However, it is also the foundation of your brand’s identity. Therefore, you must never go wrong when picking out your logo design.

The finest designers at Tahawal give you multiple options for your brand’s logo. This way, you can identify the one that best describes your brand idea. Besides, we ensure you get an apt visual identity of your new business at a budget you’re comfortable with.

Understanding the Importance of Logotypes

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a logo? Yes – a visual element placed beside a brand name. But that’s just a common perception of a logo design. A logo design is much more than a simple graphic element. Ideally, a logo is a creative component that digs deeper into your brand story. That’s why you need to know the various logo options to define your brand’s idea easily.

You may need to realize that logos are essential to our lives. Look around you – there’s one on the bottom corner of your screen. Possibly there might be another on your shoe. You’ll find plenty more in your vicinity. A good logo captures your interest in the brand and creates a brand’s identity. This helps you recognize the brand the next time you want to purchase products from them.

Using the Logotypes Effectively

Every logotype creates a different impression on the audience’s minds. Therefore, while building one, you should pick the logo style carefully. There are several types of logo designs; however, there are a few that always stand out. Check out how you can use them effectively to convey your brand ideas.

  • Corporate Logo Design – If you’re keen on offering your customers a professional and strict outlook for your brand, then choosing a corporate-style logo is excellent. Use them to tell your potential clients who you are, what you do, and how your brand benefits them.
  • Creative Logo Design – Does your business offer fun and innovative services/products? If yes, then you need a logo design that conveys a refreshing look. Picking a creative style logo gives the brand exuberance.
  • Emblems – Also known as badge logos, they combine text and symbol imagery. This logo gives your audience a detailed picture of your brand idea. Usually, you’ll see universities, coffee brands, or sports teams picking this style of logos.
  • Pictorial Marks – Pictorial logos are icons or graphic-based logos. For example, the iconic ‘Apple’ logo. It is so symbolic and established that the image/icon alone is enough to recognize the brand. The foremost thing to consider while you choose this logo style is to pick an icon that best describes your business.
  • Word Mark Logo – This type is lit if you want to include your company name in the logo design. The logo consists of your brand name that’s written in specific typography. You could also create your typeface for the logo.
  • Monogram Logo – Some businesses want to keep their logos short and sweet. A monogram logotype is an ideal option for such brands. Such logo design involves just the brand initials. And in most cases, the brand is known by this abbreviated logo design.
  • Abstract Logo – Many brands despise including text in their logos. Such brands can opt for this type of logo design. Abstract logos use abstract forms to represent a brand’s identity. However, unlike pictorial logos, abstract logos are more illustrative.
  • Mascot Logo – Mascot logos are great if you want to embed a non-human identity to represent your brand. This logotype consists of an illustrated character that acts as the visual ambassador for the brand.
  • Combination Mark – Mixing things up is an excellent idea for a logo design if you want to convey multiple messages via a logo design. Combination mark logos allows you to combine different types of logotypes.
  • Contoured Words – Often, none of the above logotypes would perfectly describe your brand. In such cases, using geometric shapes to embody your brand’s idea is fantastic. Contoured word logotype allows you to be versatile.

Helping you Create the Best Logo Designs

Whichever type of logo you choose to symbolize your brand’s idea, remember only a mindful design will enhance your brand’s value. While picking out the ideal logo style for your business, ensure that it has the power to impact the audience’s mind. A consistent logo style will build positive associations with your logo. This ultimately adds brand value.

Logo design is not about the likes and dislikes of a person. It is about what works. But remember, there is no hard and fast rule to determine which logo works best for your business. Only several brainstorming sessions will bring out ingenious designs. Tahawal houses a bunch of artistic wizards who bring you a range of logo design services.

Our Exclusive Logo Design Services

How do we help you create the best logo designs? No matter which style you choose, Tahawal being a creative hub, offers you many logo design services. We do everything from conceptualizing the logo design to selecting the best color palette and typography. We understand your brand message and help you craft the finest logo.

Logo Designing FAQ's

You find a wide variety of logotypes simply because there are so many brands! Every brand is different and has an idea of its own. And like many other things, they evolve. Because what was once in trend might now be more usually used. A wide range of logo design options ensures you do not run out of logo styles when choosing one. 

It depends on several factors. Asking yourself a few questions helps you determine which one best suits your brand. First and foremost, what brand idea would you like to depict through your logo? What kind of elements do you want to incorporate in your logo design? Is there a specific color or typography that you would like to include? Answering these basic questions will help determine the logo best suited for your brand.  

Designing a logo at your home isn’t recommended, mainly if you aren’t an expert. Remember, a logo is the face of your brand, and you certainly do not want to mess that up. The process of designing a logo involves several steps. Therefore, it’s best to approach a professional to design your logo. Nevertheless, if you’re not a brand and are an individual trying to promote a remote service, then you can find several online tools that offer you pre-defined designs.  

Unfortunately, several brands make severe mistakes while designing a logo for their business. There are a few critical mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.

  • Drawing the logo yourself – An unprofessional logo can be a put-off for your audience.
  • Forgetting about your audience – Do not ever forget about your audience niche.
  • Mimicking your competitors – Do not try and mimic your competitors. Pick something different.
  • Avoiding fonts and colors – Colors and fonts make a broad impact. Choose them wisely.

Communicating too much via logo – Regardless of the size of your business, do not try and express too much through your logo design.

Yes, a logo design is subject to copyright. If the logo design includes creative elements, then it is legally regarded as a work of artistic creation. Therefore, it is protected under copyright law.