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As various digital marketing services have been evolving and offering businesses the desired results, is email marketing still important? Well, as a brand, if you want to communicate with your target audience, email is the best way to do it. Crafting a powerful email marketing strategy helps you engage and reach your potential customers on a personal level. Moreover, this is also a cost-effective way to bring in more sales and high-quality leads. Tahawal brings you a range of professional PPC advertising & management services. The email marketing techniques and tools we provide allow your business to reach your audience more efficiently than ever.

Distinct Types of Top Email Marketing Services

Before understanding the various types of email marketing services and techniques, let’s first define this powerful marketing tool. Email promotions are communications via emails with a specific strategy to reach a business’s potential customers. As a brand that uses emails for marketing the company, you can use this technique to enhance customer engagement. And if used wisely with an intelligent strategy, you can generate quality leads with this marketing tactic. Below are a few forms that you can adopt while opting for email promotions

Motives to Pick Tahawal

Professional Approach

We aim to provide world-class email campaigns by deploying the best email marketing strategists for each project. With professional email marketers on our team, you can rest assured about your email promotional campaigns.

Organized Roadmaps

We follow a well-defined project process and set the exact roadmaps for each email campaign. This not only ensures you a favorable result but also engages more of your potential customers.

Commitment to Quality

Any compromise in digital service quality will not yield the desired result. This is primarily why we are committed to our service quality. We listen to our clients carefully, devise a plan, and implement the project.

On-time Delivery

We invest our time in understanding your needs and then manage the projects to deliver them on time. Moreover, we ensure to provide them within the budget most suitable for the clients.

Competitive Costing

Every business has a budget allocated for marketing. We render services to our clients at a competitive price. We offer you the most suitable pricing structure based on time and effort.

Result-oriented strategies

Our team of professional email marketing service pros has handled small and large-scale projects. And each time, we ensure to provide our customers with productive results.

Our Email Marketing Services

Promotional E-mails
Tahawal offers our clients excellent promotional email services. These emails are light on text and heavy on promotions. They get to the point, what’s the offer and how to redeem it.

Informational E-mails
Our experts adopt these email marketing tactics to inform your potential customers about your store openings, new product launches, huge milestones, and services.

Re-engagement E-mails
If there’s the slightest chance your subscribers haven’t opened your emails yet, then this email marketing technique is the best. This style of email marketing help brings your customers back to your brand world.

E-Marketing Strategy Creation
Email marketing without a proper strategy is void marketing. It gives you no result. Our skilled team ensures to create unique email marketing strategies that work.

Co-Marketing Emails
Giving a chance to your customers to co-market their product or service is a great idea. However, the content of the email largely depends on the kind of partnership and the agreement the clients have with their partners.

How Tahawal Helps you Craft a Performance-Based Email Marketing Plan

By now, you know that email marketing services are essential to any digital marketing plan. It is not only a personalized way of reaching your customers but is also cost-effective. However, effectively communicating your message to your audience is imperative to achieve email marketing results. That’s why the email marketing pros at Tahawal take a professional approach while implementing your marketing plan via email. Here is the process chain that experts at Tahawal follow to implement your best e-mails marketing services.

1. Carrying out thorough marketing analysis

2. Carefully selecting the best fit subscriber list

3. Developing Innovative Content

4. Designing unique email templates

5. Sending the template to the client for approval

6. Sending the campaigns

7. Tracking the results

8. Generating reports for performance assessment


Businesses that can benefit from Professional Email Marketing Services

Though email marketing services are beneficial to every industry out there, there are a few that outdo others. For whatever reason, such industries can expect more traffic, higher lead, and better conversions. The industries that benefit more from email promotions include automotive, pharmaceuticals, retail, and health insurance. Remember, even if your business does not fall into one of these categories, email promotion strategies give you an affordable and direct way to reach your customers.
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    To reap the benefits of email promotions, you must use them to their fullest potential. And to this, your plan must have a strategy. Do not just aimlessly spam your potential customers. You can utilize these eight tips in your email marketing strategy to make your customers read through your emails.
    • Create your emailing list yourself
    • Fight for your desired attention with a compelling subject line
    • Accumulate value
    • Do not bore the receiver with dull contents
    • Engage by activating
    • Personalize, optimize, and automate
    • Upgrade the visual design to match your brand
    • Let the subscriber decide for themselves

    Email promotion is a great tool to market your brand, business, products, and message. However, it takes a bit of work to know whether it will hike your sales. This is because it depends on several factors. Some essential factors that decide the quality of your email campaign include the following –

    • An innovative strategy 
    • Creative design template
    • Ideal emailing list
    • Enticing contents

    Engaging your target audience via email campaigns isn’t easy. Several factors come into play. An ideal email campaign must include several elements, from enticing content to innovative strategies. Only those brands that follow a few key tactics can gather a definitive subscriber list. Check out a few techniques to increase your email subscriber list below –

    • Give products/services for free or create budget-friendly options
    • Try investing in paid ads
    • Be intentionally on various social media platforms
    • Create lots of unique content
    • Offer membership and challenge your target audience
    • Write content for your audience 
    Whether big or small, businesses grapple with how often they should email their potential customers. When does it become spamming? What is too much? How would mail annoy the customers? Well, the key to email marketing is sending emails at the right time with the right content. For most brands and businesses, sending 1-2 emails per week is ideal. This is especially helpful if you’re just getting started. Communicate your intentions with the target audience as soon as you can.

    Solely relying on open and click-through rates isn’t ideal for measuring your email marketing campaigns. A few key metrics can give you a better idea about your email campaign performance and effectiveness. Listed below are some ways you can measure your email marketing effectiveness. 

    • Check the bounce rate of your email campaign landing pages
    • Measure website traffic too
    • Carefully observe the email conversion rate
    • Keep track of your email list growth rate
    • Keep an eye on the forward/share rate for every email campaign
    • Keep track of your spam complaints
    • Check the revenue metrics from your campaigns to determine overall email campaign effectiveness.