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Whether you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, or drive revenue growth, our development solutions can help you achieve those goals. At Tahawal, we’re committed to providing our customers with the technology and solutions that they need to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. Our solution is intuitive, easy to use, and customizable to meet the specific needs of your business.


With the help of professional CRM solutions, you can digitize your business by selecting from various content management systems. CRM services can significantly benefit many businesses, regardless of size or industry. Some of the main advantages of adopting CRM services are listed below:

crm solutions


crm solutions can do way more than just organize contacts.

CRM solutions help you to automate and manage your customer lifecycle for sales and marketing departments. Apart from that, it also consolidates audience information into a single repository. This helps users to better organize and manage relationships, automate common processes, and provide tools to monitor the performance and productivity of the business.

with the right crm solution features it boosts sales and keeps an eye on your customers. Here are the core characteristics to look for in a great crm solution.

Contact Management








crm solutions

Why Trust Tahawal for your CRM Solutions?

CRM solutions are useful for businesses of all sizes. However, you can achieve the desired results only if you get world-class CRM solutions. If you’re searching for CRM solutions services, look no further. Here are a few major reasons to pick Tahawal as your CRM solution partner.

Easy customization
As the best CRM service provider, we offer customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

Premium integration capabilities
We offer integration capabilities with other key business systems, such as marketing automation, e-commerce, and accounting software.

Greater profits and higher ROIs
CRM solutions help your business attract clients and increase earnings dramatically. 

Enhanced data security
Our professional CRM team takes security seriously and offers robust measures to protect customer information.

Our Process of CRM SOLUTION services

conducting research

The first step in the process is to conduct a needs analysis to determine the specific business requirements and goals for the CRM solution.

vendor evaluation

The next step in the CRM solution process is to evaluate different CRM vendors to determine the best fit for your business and brand. 

system configuration

Once you evaluate the vendors and solutions, the next step is configuring the CRM system to meet the specific business requirements.

data migration

Once system configuration is donem, the next step is to move current customer data from spreadsheets to the new CRM system.

training and maintenance

Provide user training to employees to ensure they are comfortable using the new system.

website building and launch

Once everything mentioned above is in place, the final step is to launch the CRM system for your business.

ongoing maintenance

Once the system is live, it is essential to provide ongoing care and support to ensure the system meets business requirements.

Experience the power of seamless customer management and Maximize customer interactions with ease with Tahawal CRM services.

Sectors Benefits from CRM Solutions

CRM solutions can benefit many industries by helping them manage customer relationships more effectively. In the retail sector, for example, we can use CRM service to track customer preferences and purchase history, which is suitable for personalizing the shopping experience and improving customer satisfaction. In the healthcare industry, a CRM system can manage patient data and improve communication between healthcare providers and patients. We can use CRM systems in the financial industry to manage customer accounts and provide personalized financial advice. Other sectors that can benefit from CRM solutions include real estate, hospitality, and professional services. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and drive revenue growth using a CRM system.
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    FAQ of CRM Solution Service

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are different. CRM systems typically include tools for managing customer data, communication channels, sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Companies often use BPO to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and free up internal resources to focus on core business activities.
    A variety of services and solutions known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services assist organizations in managing and analyzing customer interactions and data across the course of the customer lifecycle. Improved client happiness, loyalty, advocacy, and increased sales are CRM services’ main objectives.

    The three basic CRM functionalities are:

    1. Contact Management
    2. Sales Management
    3. Customer Service and Support

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategic approach that aims to manage and improve customer interactions and relationships within an organization. Some of the main challenges of CRM are:

    1. Data management: One of the biggest challenges of CRM is managing and organizing customer data. 
    2. Integration with existing systems: Integration of CRM systems within the organization can be complex and time-consuming.
    3. User adoption: A CRM system is only effective if the organization’s employees use it. 
    4. Security and privacy concerns: CRM systems contain sensitive customer information, and it is crucial to ensure that this information is secure and protected from unauthorized access.
    5. Personalization: CRM systems must be able to provide personalized interactions. Achieving this level of personalization can be challenging.
    6. Measuring ROI: Measuring the ROI of CRM systems can be difficult. 
    7. Continuous improvement: CRM is an ongoing process, and it requires continuous improvement to remain effective.

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is widely used in the service industry to improve customer interactions and relationships and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some ways in which we use CRM in the service industry:

    1. Personalized communication
    2. Service recovery
    3. Customer feedback
    4. Cross-selling and upselling
    5. Loyalty programs
    6. Service Automation
    For several reasons, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential in the service industry. CRM is critical for service industry businesses that want to build strong customer relationships and provide exceptional customer service. By leveraging customer data and insights, companies can tailor their services and communication to meet individual customer needs and improve overall satisfaction, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue growth.

    A few of the most well-liked and commonly utilized CRM systems are: 

    1. Salesforce
    2. Microsoft Dynamics 365
    3. HubSpot
    4. Zoho CRM
    5. Oracle CRM

    Overall, the most commonly used CRM varies depending on the organization’s needs and requirements.