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Making a place among the numerous competitors isn’t an easy job. Let’s help you do this in a hassle-free manner by offering some of the most awesome brand identity services out there.

100+ Brand Identity Creation Ideas

Catchy slogans, vibrant color schemes, and the best logo designs help you convey your brand story in the finest way.

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Clear Brand Purpose & Positioning

We know creating a brand identity of your own and establishing yourself in the market is tough. And what’s more, building a brand requires more than simply identifying the visual elements of your brand.

We at Tahawal take a holistic approach when it comes to creating brand identity & style guides. We combine different brand elements together to bring out the best of your brand motto. Click below to speak to our experts today!

Understanding Brand Identity & Style Guide

Brand identity and the style guide are not just creating a peculiar logo. The identity and style guide visually encompasses every single thing about your brand. Creating an identity includes a few key elements. This includes the mission statement, a buyer persona, picking the right color palette, an editorial style guide, and typography.

As you can see, the main purpose of building the right brand identity and style guide is to create and maintain all of the various elements of a brand that, when combined, spells out the entire picture of a particular business or enterprise. And yes, it must help your brand get recognized. But why is it so important for a business?

The Importance of Brand Identity & Style Guide in a Business

Consistency is the building block of creating a memorable brand among your audience. For example, while you’re shopping at a grocery store, you’d want to stop by and spot your favorite brand from a mile away. In short, the best brands get stuck in your brand! And why is that? It’s because their presence is defined by the repetition of colors, fonts, images, and logos. Once we see them they become recognizable.

That said, it’s clear that building a unique identity for your brand is extremely important. This means you ought to have a peculiar logo, catchy slogans, definitive fonts, and a consistent color scheme. Apart from that, you also need to have brand style guidelines. This governs the design, composition, and general look and feel of your entire brand. How do we help you create the best brand identity out there?

Helping you Create the Best Brand Identity and Style Guides

We know that a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it conveys it. Besides, most of the target audience wishes for a consistent experience when dealing with any brand. Our brand strategy helps you answer the what? Where? Who? When? How? Of your brand in a hassle-free manner.

Our brand development strategy includes vital business components for building your brand, marketing it, and creating effective sales. Whether you’re just starting off in the market, or are looking out to revamp and re-establish your brand, we help you create the best brand personality.

Our Exclusive Brand Identity and Style Guide Services

Tahawal brings one the best brand identity and style guide services in the UAE and across the entire Middle Eastern continent. Our skilled designers, expert content creators, and able digital professionals cater to your brand-building needs. Apart from the basic brand identity and style guide services we also bring you style guide examples and style guide elements that you can use while creating your brand identity guidelines. Check out below to know and understand our brand identity and style guide services better.

Brand Identity FAQ's

Creating an ideal brand identity involves various elements and steps. A few of the key elements that go into making your brand identity includes – clear brand purpose and positioning, thorough market research, likable brand personality, memorable logos, an attractive color palette selection, a professional typography pick, and finally the finest on-board supporting graphics.  

This is a common question that vexes every business owner. Does the brand identity make an impact? Is it good enough to stand out among the crowd? Well, to assess or evaluate your brand identity you must ask yourself a few questions. For instance, does your brand identity design follow certain principles and rules? Is a peculiar design solving the problem of creating uniqueness to your brand? Or will the brand design stand the test of time? And finally, is your brand design beautiful and attractive enough to grab your customer’s attention?

In simple terms, building a brand’s identity isn’t child’s play. Several factors come into the picture when you’re introducing your brand into the market. This means, creating a brand’s identity involves several factors. A few key factors that allow you to create an excellent brand identity are – your market size, competition, company resources, your product newness, innovativeness, and technology.

Usually, both brand identity and brand image are erroneously used as synonyms. However, there is an essential difference between the two. While the brand image describes the external perspective of the brand, the brand identity is controlled by the owner. The brand identity describes how the brand’s owner wants the brand to be perceived by the audience.

Yes, brand personality is a huge part of creating an effective brand identity. It is crucial for companies to define their brand personality so that they resonate with the target audience. Creating the right brand personality results in increased brand equity and it essentially defines the brand’s attitude in the marketplace. Besides, brand personality is also a key factor in successful brand marketing strategy.

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